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Press release: ERGP Forum on 18th of September 2019

The European Regulators Group for Postal Services (ERGP) Stakeholder Forum is the meeting point for regulators, and postal, digital, delivery and e-commerce sector representatives. The 2019 forum aims to collect experiences about if and which postal regulation is needed, in view of the ERGP opinion on the review of the regulatory framework, recently published on the ERGP webpage (under 'ERGP Documents').

The emergence of new players in the e-commerce market offers new opportunities for consumers, but it also creates new regulatory challenges. Therefore, we will discuss how e-commerce is shaping the postal market and what regulation is needed.

The discussion about future regulation is only complete if we take the international dimension into account, so we will also discuss the necessity to regulate the international mail market and the implications of the current discussion about terminal dues and the need for a reform at the Universal Postal Union.

Stakeholders will also have the opportunity to discuss the ERGP Work Programme for 2020 and the ERGP Medium Term Strategy 2020-2022 (under 'ERGP public consultations' on the ERGP webpage). 

ERGP Forum will take place on 18th of September 2019. More information and registration form are available on the website of ERGP: