Estonian Competition Authority

Press Release: The Competition Authority celebrates its 20th anniversary and the Global Competition Day with the conference

The conference “Competition Day 2013” dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Competition Authority will take place on Thursday, 5 December, in the Conference Center of Nordic Hotel Forum in Tallinn. Traditionally, the Competition Day brings together experts from various fields of economy and professionals in the matters of competition.

Over the years the Competition Authority has experienced different sectors of the economy as well as analyzed functioning of various markets and their problems. During this process, it is important to listen to the companies operating in these areas on a daily basis. The recognized leaders of different sectors of the economy will appear on the conference. The main topics of the conference this year include the current trends of banking, energy, retail trade, real estate and mobile markets, as well as the advertising sector.

“With the Competition Day we wish to draw attention to importance of the freedom of competition. The major benefit of this day is ability to participate in the direct discussion with business people on the topical issues. The Competition Authority may be successful only if we are constantly aware of happenings in the world of business,” says Märt Ots, Director General of the Competition Authority.

On 5 December many competition authorities and agencies worldwide celebrate the Competition Day, which is intended to draw attention to fair and free competition as an instrument of development of communities and individuals.