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ECA jurisdiction related to rail issues

1.       Inspect compliance with the requirements set for separate accounting provided for in subsection 4 (2) of Railways Act; (valid for IM/RUs which provide rail transport services and manage railway infrastructure );
(RdtS § 711 (1) and § 4; MKM 06.04.2004 määrus nr 63)


2.       Issuing, refusing to issue activity licences to railway undertakings, suspension and revocation of activity licences, or terminating the validity thereof;
(RdtS § 711 (2) ; KApm  § 21 lg 28.)


3.       The Authority performs the directing function and exercises state supervision to the extent of the functions provided by law, applies enforcement powers of the state and conducts proceedings of offences  in the area of railway upon processing complaints submitted concerning distribution of railway infrastructure capacity pursuant to subsections 64 (1)–(3) of Railways Act.
 (RdtS § 711 (3),  § 641.; KApm  §11 lg 4, § 21 lg 27.)


4.       Authority shall monitor, evaluate and analyse the situation in its areas of activity and notify the Internal Market Department, the Communications Department, the Energy Department or the Road and Railways Department of the Ministry thereof;
(KApm  §14 lg 6)


5.       The competitive situation in the rail services market shall be monitored by the Competition Authority, which shall implement legal measures to remove discriminating or otherwise unfair treatment in the rail services market.
(RdtS § 64)


6.       To ensure fair competitive situation in the rail services market, the Competition Authority shall cooperate with the appropriate supervisory bodies of other member states.
(RdtS § 64)


RdtS – Railways Act(EN, EE orig); lg - section

KApm – Statutes of Estonian Competition Authority ( Approved by Regulation No. 101 of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications of 17 December 2007 (RTL1 2007, 97, 1628), entered into force 1 January 2008.) Unofficial translation as of 2008 (Link)

 MKM 06.04.2004 määrus nr 63 – Decree No 63 of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications of 06 April 2004.

Data as of 13.12.2012