Estonian Competition Authority

The decision of Harju County Court in connection with penalty imposed on security service providers has come into force

On 25 April 2012 Harju County Court made a decision to impose a pecuniary penalty on AS Pristis and Securitas Eesti AS in connection with a criminal act indicated in Art. 400(2) of the Penal Code (entering into agreement prejudicing free competition).

The agreement that the companies were penalized for was concluded on 24 April 2009. According to it neither of the security service providers without approval of another had a right to provide security services to a customer having an agreement with another party. As a result of this agreement prejudicing free competition the security service providers have divided customers among themselves, limiting freedom of customers to select a security service provider and freedom of a security service provider to offer its services to a customer of another security service provider. This agreement breached the provision of Art 4(1)(3) of the Competition Act, which prohibits division of the market for goods.

According to the court decision, AS Pristis also made proposals to enter into agreements prejudicing free competition to other security service providers, namely to OÜ Turvateenistus Alfastar, K-Valve OÜ (currently Skarabeus Julgestusteenistus OÜ) and K Grupp Turvateenused OÜ (currently USS Security Eesti AS).