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International Cooperation

The Authority considers both international as well as national cooperation highly important. The Authority routinely participates in the work of different field-based working groups, networks and organisations.

Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA) 

is an inter-institutional non-profit organisation unified by the shared goal of its regulatory members – from Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, North and South America – to improve energy regulation. ERRA fosters and facilitates exchange of data, information and experience among its members, in order to support strengthening and improving regulatory framework around the world and to promote opportunities for capacity building through its training courses, webinars, workshops and networking through the annual Energy Investment and Regulation Conference. ERRA has played a vital role in accelerating energy reform and market development in Europe and Eurasia, and its story, from the establishment to the present day, offers important lessons on how to support progress toward self-reliance in energy regulation.

The ERRA website gives access to all important information on the Association: member regulators, training programs and podcasts, online tariff database, numerous issue papers and analytical documents of the ERRA committees and working group, and other useful resources of international organizations engaged in the energy sector worldwide through the online library. ERRA capacity building activities are open to both regulators and non-regulators.

European Water Regulators (WAREG)

was created in April 2014 by an initial group of 12 regulators of water supply and sewerage services in Europe. At present, WAREG is made up by regulatory authorities with Member status and 3 regulatory authorities with Observer status, who share the following objectives of cooperation: to exchange and share common practices; to enhance technical and institutional cooperation among WAREG members; and to promote capacity building, stable regulation and consumer protection.