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International Cooperation

The Authority considers both international as well as national cooperation highly important. The Authority routinely participates in the work of different field-based working groups, networks and organisations.

Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA)

is a voluntary organization comprising of independent energy regulatory bodies primarily from Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and the United States of America. The Association’s main objective is to increase exchange of information and experience among its members and to expand access to energy regulatory experience around the world.

European Water Regulators (WAREG)

was created in April 2014 by an initial group of 12 regulators of water supply and sewerage services in Europe. At present, WAREG is made up by regulatory authorities with Member status and 3 regulatory authorities with Observer status, who share the following objectives of cooperation: to exchange and share common practices; to enhance technical and institutional cooperation among WAREG members; and to promote capacity building, stable regulation and consumer protection.