The postal sector is characterized by changes related to digitization that have accelerated in recent years. Traditional letter sending has been gradually but significantly reduced. The forwarding of parcels is increasing more and more due to the growth of e-commerce volumes.

The Competition Authority's main tasks in the field of postal services are:

  • appointing an undertaking with the obligation to provide the universal postal service;
  • inspecting the compliance of the universal postal service's provision with the relevant requirements;
  • analysing the applications for compensation of unreasonably burdening costs related to the performance of the universal postal service, and analysing the basis for the free rate of the universal postal service;
  • making a suggestion concerning a favourable size of the fee, in relation with purchase power;
  • protecting the rights of postal service users and advising consumers.

Estonian postal service market is fully open since 2009. State supervision over the compliance with the requirements set out in the Postal Act is performed by the Competition Authority. The current provider of the universal postal service is the state-owned undertaking AS Eesti Post (international name: Omniva).

The provider of universal postal service is determined via a public competition, arranged by the Competition Authority after every five years. The next competition will take place in 2024.

Last updated: 10.01.2024