Port services

The Competition Authority resolves complaints related to port services arising from the application of Regulation (EU) 2017/352 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

Upon resolution of complaints, the Competition Authority has the right to request relevant information from any party. The information must be submitted within the time limit set by the Competition Authority, which does not exceed one month and which may be extended by two weeks in justified cases.

The Competition Authority makes a decision concerning the complaint within three months of receiving the relevant information. By the decision, the Competition Authority either refuses to satisfy the complaint or issues a precept for the elimination of the violation.

The Competition Authority will refuse to satisfy the complaint if:
•    the complaint is unsubstantiated or unproven;
•    the person submitting the complaint does not provide access to the Competition Authority, by the date determined by the latter, to the information in their possession which is required for the resolution of the complaint; and
•    no violations are found in the activities of the port authority based on the complaint.

Port service contracts concluded before 15 February 2017 which are not limited in time or have similar effects, must be amended in order to comply with the regulation by 1 July 2025 (Article 21(2)).

Last updated: 23.10.2023