Estonian Electricity and Gas Market Reports


Pursuant to § 93 subsection 10 of the Electricity Market Act, the Competition Authority is obliged to prepare and publish an overview of the previous calendar year, which reflects the following:

  • power allocation rules for inter-system connections; rules for resolving system overload;
  • time spent on establishing and repairing interconnections;
  • information to be published by the network operator on interconnections and network capacity distribution, taking into account the need to keep business secrets;
  • distinguishing the areas of activity of network operators; joining conditions established for new producers;
  • fulfilling the obligations of the system manager and network operators; the state of competition in the electricity market.

In addition, from § 37 (3) point 7 of the Natural Gas Act, the agency is obliged to prepare and publish a report on the security of supply situation every year.

Last updated: 11.10.2023