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The price regulation of pharmaceuticals is illusory

The Competition Authority conducted an analysis of the competition situation in order to assess the functioning of the regulation that sets the limits for the prices of medicines. The Competition Authority considers that the current system for the mark-up of medicines is deficient and its...

Antitrust: Joint statement by the European competition authorities on the coronavirus crisis

Today, all competition authorities in the European Competition Network (the European Commission, the European Surveillance Authority, and the national competition authorities of the EU/EEA) are issuing a joint statement on how to apply the European competition rules during the crisis. Antitrust...

The Competition Authority recommends opening notary fees to price competition

The Competition Authority recommends setting notary fees not as fixed rates but as an upper threshold (limit prices), notaries then being able to use price lists below that limit and if necessary then to agree more favourable prices with a client. With this the consumer gets the opportunity to...

Competition must be trusted in granting 5G frequency licences

The Competition Authority formed an opinion about the competition of frequency licenses in the frequency band of 3,410-3,800 MHz, as a result of which, the undertakings acquiring the licenses will start building a so-called 5G network for communications services. The Competition Authority finds...

The Competition Authority and ELA SA agreed on the terms of access to the EstWin base network

The Competition Authority and ELA SA reached a compromise in a court action about the precept issued by the Competition Authority on 19.10.2017. The Tallinn Administrative Court confirmed the compromise with its ruling on 10.05.2019. The Competition Authority issued an injunction to ELA SA...

The Competition Authority won the dispute over the sale price of oil shale

By its order of 14.05.2019, the Administrative Law Chamber of the Supreme Court decided not to hear the appeal in cassation of Viru Keemia Grupp AS and VKG Oil AS (hereinafter VKG) on the termination of the supervision proceedings of the Competition Authority on 19.10.2015. Thus, the judgment of...

Authority conducts criminal proceedings for investigating a possible restriction of competition in companies selling agricultural equipment

In the framework of a criminal case concerning a possible restriction of competition, the Competition Authority carried out searches at the premises of six legal entities and at the residences of eight suspects. The purpose of the criminal proceedings is to verify the doubts as to whether...

In the dispute over the price of oil shale the court ruled in favor of the Competition Authority

With its decision of October 31, Tallinn Administrative Court dismissed the claim of Viru Keemia Grupp AS and VKG Oil AS (hereinafter VKG) against termination of the supervision proceedings by the Competition Authority on 19 October 2015. The Competition Authority found that the price of oil shale...

The Competition Authority demands mitigation of conditions of access to EstWin base network

The Competition Authority issued a precept to Eesti Lairiba Foundation (ELA SA), where it demands to mitigate conditions of access to EstWin base network (starting from 20 November 2017) in order to improve high-speed Internet provision options for rural residents. ELA SA is a foundation founded...

As the result of the proceedings of the Competition Authority it became easier for companies to market deposit-subjected packaging

During the supervision procedure the Competition Authority analyzed problems that arose in connection with the new standard terms and conditions established by Eesti Pandipakendi OÜ (hereinafter – EPP). EPP is a recycling organization accredited by the Ministry of the Environment, whose goal is to...