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Elektrilevi is required to issue connection offers on Hiiumaa

The Estonian Competition Authority conducted a supervision procedure concerning the activities of Elektrilevi in relation to the problem of connecting producers to the network on Hiiumaa. In January 2022, Elektrilevi publicly announced that it would refuse to issue connection offers to producers...

The Baltic Electricity Market Forum and the Baltic Gas Market Forum will take place in Tallinn

The Competition Authority is organising the Baltic Electricity Market Forum on 24 May and the Baltic Gas Market Forum on 25 May in Tallinn. These traditional regional meetings bring together Baltic, Finnish, Swedish, and Polish energy regulators, market participants, and policymakers to work...

ACER published the Assessment of the EU Wholesale Electricity Market Design

Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) published the Assessment of the EU Wholesale Electricity Market Design. Press release and the Assessment are available at ACER´s webpage. ACER was created by the Third Energy Package to further progress the completion of the internal energy...

The assessment of the Estonian Competition Authority of Elektrilevi OÜ’s independence and its activities related to equal treatment

The Estonian Competition Authority conducted an analysis to map the risks related to the independence of Elektrilevi OÜ from the Eesti Energia AS group. The authority found that the integration of Elektrilevi OÜ with the parent company Eesti Energia AS creates a risk where the actual management of...

The Estonian Competition Authority recommends that electricity sellers increase customer awareness of the principle of calculating the price of a stock exchange package

A survey conducted among electricity sellers revealed that there are approximately 70,000 consumer contracts in Estonia with a stock exchange package where the calculation is based on the average monthly stock exchange price and not on an hourly stock exchange price. Consumers with such a package...

The Estonian Competition Authority analysed electricity and gas prices

When analysing electricity and gas prices, the Estonian Competition Authority examined the extent of price changes and the reasons that have led to a drastic rise in energy prices both in Estonia and in Europe. The Estonian Competition Authority also looked at price forecasts for the near future...

The Authority published the report on the Estonian electricity and gas market

The Authority published a report that examines the developments in the Estonian electricity and gas market in 2020 and provides assessments of the competitive situation in the respective markets. The ongoing COVID19 pandemic is still affecting us, but the sharp and rapid recovery in the economy...

Competition Authority made a proposal to review renewable energy subsidies

The Estonian Competition Authority made a proposal to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications to review renewable energy subsidies. Compared to the previous year, the price of electricity has increased by 102% in 2021, which is why it is justified to review the current conditions and...

Elektrilevi must pay more attention to the elimination of network connection interruptions

On 27 April this year, the Estonian Competition Authority completed the supervision proceedings regarding the fire in the Jõgeva regional substation and the large-scale power outage that occurred as a result. The authority established that Elektrilevi AS violated the quality requirements for...

The Latvian and Estonian regulators support the methodology for electricity trade with Russia

The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) and the Estonian Competition Authority (ECA) support the capacity calculation methodology jointly developed by JSC Augstsprieguma tīkls and JSC Elering, which specifies how electricity capacity for trade with Russia will be calculated.   The PUC has...