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Public consultation on the demand response market framework for an independent aggregator in electricity markets

Foto autor: Kaimar Tauri Tamm

The Demand response Working Group, formed by the Estonian Competition Authority, Elering AS (Estonian TSO) and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, has developed an initial concept for involving the flexibility of an independent aggregator into all electricity market levels in Estonia. The general principles of the concept paper are based on the objectives of the Clean Energy Package to include the entire flexibility available on the market, allowing it to participate equally with generation at all market levels. This requires, as a first step, to establish a clear market framework and the principles for data exchange for the settlement of the activated flexibility, which is addressed with this document.

As part of the consultation, market participants have been asked to comment on the market model, settlement principles and approach to data exchange proposed in the document. Following the consultation, the final conception document shall be formulated in respect of the market model of an independent aggregator, suitable for Estonia, based on the respective document and the feedback received by the market participants in consultation, and the necessary amendments shall be made to the legislation accordingly.

Feedback may be provided in free form writing. In addition, the document also contains more detailed questions under point 17 of Chapter IV, to facilitate the provision and collection of feedback, but the response to those is optional.

The consultation in Estonian will run from 3 to 24 July; please submit our opinions to the address of

The consultation in English is slightly extended due to the reason that English materials were published later and therefore will run from 22 July to 7th August; please submit your opinions to the address of

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