Help us detect and stop violations of market rules!

09.04.2024 | 16:23

The Estonian Competition Authority has opened a hint platform for reporting all violations relating to the areas of activity of the Competition Authority, regardless of whether the case involves a price-fixing cartel or a violation of energy market rules.
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According to Elen Jalak, head of the Special Proceedings of Competition Team, all hints are welcome. “Information can be provided anonymously because the Competition Authority will not collect or process any information on a whistleblower,” Jalak said.

It is often very difficult to detect and prove violations of competition rules. Therefore, competition authorities across the world are constantly developing new ways and solutions to make whistleblowing as easy as possible. “The Estonian Competition Authority is small, and we cannot be everywhere, so we encourage everyone to report suspicious transactions and contracts that damage competition and thereby harm our economic environment,” Jalak said.

The Competition Authority exercises state supervision over competition and unfair trading practices in the fields of electricity, natural gas, district heating, postal services, public water supply and sewerage as well as railways, aviation and ports.

Eike Kingsepp