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The Estonian Competition Authority analysed electricity and gas prices

When analysing electricity and gas prices, the Estonian Competition Authority examined the extent of price changes and the reasons that have led to a drastic rise in energy prices both in Estonia and in Europe. The Estonian Competition Authority also looked at price forecasts for the near future and outlined a mapping of possible measures proposed by the European Commission to Member States to temporarily reduce prices. The Government of the Republic of Estonia has already introduced certain measures, but there are more options available.

The analyses of the Estonian Competition Authority are available in Estonian language:

Veel uudiseid samal teemal


Elektrilevi is required to issue connection offers on Hiiumaa

The Estonian Competition Authority conducted a supervision procedure concerning the activities of Elektrilevi in relation to the problem of connecting producers to the network on Hiiumaa. In January 2022, Elektrilevi publicly announced that it would refuse to issue connection offers to producers who wish to join the network on Hiiumaa due to network restrictions.


The Baltic Electricity Market Forum and the Baltic Gas Market Forum will take place in Tallinn

The Competition Authority is organising the Baltic Electricity Market Forum on 24 May and the Baltic Gas Market Forum on 25 May in Tallinn. These traditional regional meetings bring together Baltic, Finnish, Swedish, and Polish energy regulators, market participants, and policymakers to work together on finding solutions to the most prevalent problems in the energy sector.