Competition Authority's price survey cut waste transport prices in 12 regions

24.01.2024 | 13:55

A price survey carried out by the Competition Authority at the end of 2023 lowered the price of additional waste collection services in 12 regions of Estonia.
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By price mapping for the additional service of waste collection (hand transport of containers containing up to 800 litres of waste, for at least 11 m) by companies Ragn-Sells AS, Ekovir OÜ and Eesti Keskkonnateenuste AS  unreasonably high prices across regions were identified. The Competition Authority has already analysed the additional service prices for waste transport in the past and is of the opinion that even if a service offered by an undertaking in a dominant position is an additional service and mutually agreed on by the parties, the pricing of that service should also be in balance with the economic value of the service. The Authority asked for the prices of the additional service to be brought in line with the economic value of the service.

In total, the prices of additional waste collection services were changed in 12 waste collection regions: Kambja municipality, Põltsamaa, Türi municipality, Kose municipality, Lääneranna municipality, Anija municipality, Alutaguse municipality, Kohtla-Järve, Narva, Narva-Jõesuu, Sillamäe, and Jõgeva. The new tariffs will apply from January 2024.  

In addition, the Competition Authority opened supervisory proceedings against Eesti Keskkonnateenuste AS to determine whether the prices of the above-mentioned additional services in the waste collection regions managed by Eesti Keskkonnateenuste AS are in line with the Estonian Competition Act. 

The Competition Authority initiated the price mapping in November 2023 after the supervisory proceedings against AS Ragn-Sells found that the price increase of the additional service in waste collection regions of Pärnu was not justified and the company lowered the price as a result. A non-confidential version of the decision is available on the Competition Authority's website.

The Competition Authority exercises state supervision over competition, electricity, natural gas, district heating, mail, public water supply and sewerage, as well as railways, aviation and ports.

Eike Kingsepp