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Competition Authority initiated proceedings in connection with a power failure in Narva, Narva-Jõesuu and Sillamäe

On May 20, the Competition Authority initiated supervision proceedings against Elering AS in connection with the power failure on May 18 in Narva, Narva-Jõesuu and Sillamäe.
The purpose of the proceedings is to identify the reasons for the power failure and whether there may be a violation of the Electricity Market Act.
"Since it was a serious power outage, the task of the Authority is to draw conclusions from the incident and make recommendations to prevent similar cases in the future," said Director General Märt Ots.

The Competition Authority supervises compliance with the quality requirements for network connections in accordance with the Electricity Market Act and Regulation No. 42 of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications of 6 April 2005 “Quality Requirements for Network Services and Conditions for Reducing Network Charges in the event of Violation of Quality Requirements.”

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The Estonian Competition Authority advises consumers to be careful when changing the electricity package

The Estonian Competition Authority advises consumers to be very careful when changing the electricity package. The price of electricity has been very high in the last month, rising above 130 euros per megawatt-hour (MWh) on several days.


Information on PUC and ECA conclusions on NERC publication

On 22 July 2021 National Energy Regulatory Council (Lithuanian National Regulatory Authority, hereinafter – NERC) published the information1 based on  “Analysis of the price difference between the Latvian and Lithuanian electricity price zones” (hereinafter – Analysis).