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The Competition Authority and ELA SA agreed on the terms of access to the EstWin base network

The Competition Authority and ELA SA reached a compromise in a court action about the precept issued by the Competition Authority on 19.10.2017. The Tallinn Administrative Court confirmed the compromise with its ruling on 10.05.2019. The Competition Authority issued an injunction to ELA SA demanding alleviation of the conditions for access to the EstWin base network in order to improve the opportunities to provide high-speed internet for rural residents.

According to the agreement, ELA SA will change the product conditions for the service "fiber line rent for consumer connection" designed for rural areas so that the possibilities for using the service will be further enhanced. Above all, as a result, it is possible to serve a larger number of consumers over longer distances and also expand the range of radio communication-based broadband services. The Competition Authority is of the opinion that changing the product conditions according to the compromise is sufficient to improve the competitive situation.

Pursuant to the court ruling that came into force, the Competition Authority declared the precept in its entirety invalid on 28.05.2019.

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The price regulation of pharmaceuticals is illusory

The Competition Authority conducted an analysis of the competition situation in order to assess the functioning of the regulation that sets the limits for the prices of medicines. The Competition Authority considers that the current system for the mark-up of medicines is deficient and its supervision is fragmented. As a result, there is a significant risk of non-compliance with the set rules.


Antitrust: Joint statement by the European competition authorities on the coronavirus crisis

Today, all competition authorities in the European Competition Network (the European Commission, the European Surveillance Authority, and the national competition authorities of the EU/EEA) are issuing a joint statement on how to apply the European competition rules during the crisis.