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The Baltic Electricity Market Forum and the Baltic Gas Market Forum will take place in Tallinn

The Competition Authority is organising the Baltic Electricity Market Forum on 24 May and the Baltic Gas Market Forum on 25 May in Tallinn. These traditional regional meetings bring together Baltic, Finnish, Swedish, and Polish energy regulators, market participants, and policymakers to work together on finding solutions to the most prevalent problems in the energy sector.

This year, the forums will focus on what is happening in the energy markets.

In addition, an international district heating seminar will be held, the aim of which is to discuss options that would alleviate the price increases for consumers while also being sensible for businesses and the environment.

"In these turbulent times, the energy sector presents us with large challenges, which we can only find solutions for through international and regional cooperation. The opportunity of meeting with good colleagues and market participants face to face after a long period of time cannot be underestimated in today’s situation, either," said Märt Ots, Director General of the Competition Authority, on the importance of the events.

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Postponement of FinEstLat and Lithuanian gas market merge

On 1 January 2020, the single entry tariff zone of Finland, Estonia and Latvia (FinEstLat) started operating. The merger of FinEstLat means the linking of the Finnish, Estonian and Latvian markets, removing the internal tariffs in the region and setting the entry tariffs in the region at the same level, by applying the inter-TSO compensation (ITC) mechanism.


Public consultation on the terms and conditions of LNG terminal

The Estonian Competition Authority (Konkurentsiamet) and Finnish Energy Authority (Energiavirasto) will carry out a joint consultation on the terms and conditions (including prices (this concerns only the Finnish regulator, as the Estonian regulator approves the LNG tariff calculation methodology upon receiving an application according to the Natural Gas Act) of Floating LNG Terminal Finland Oy