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According to the Competition Authority, the situation in the Estonian telecommunications market is good

Allikas: Vikipeedia.
Marsruudid internetis. Allikas Vikipeedia

The Competition Authority observed the Estonian telecommunications market in order to evaluate several developments related to the telecommunications sector. The evaluation concerns in particular the wholesale and retail prices of broadband services and the provision of access to these services through ducts.

The evaluation indicates that the retail prices of mobile internet in Estonia are one of the most favourable compared to the European average. At lower speeds, internet prices of fixed network are rather low or at the same level compared to neighbouring countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Sweden and Denmark) and do not exceed the EU average. "The prices of internet connection has been the subject of many discussions in the media, but the actual numbers indicate that we are in a rather good position compared to the rest of Europe in terms of internet connection that meets the needs of the so-called ordinary consumers," said Märt Ots, Director General of the Authority.

However, at higher speeds (100 Mbit/s and higher), internet prices for certain services are above the European average.

Since ensuring effective regulation is essential for the functioning of access to electronic communication infrastructure, the Competition Authority recommends enhancing access to infrastructure and price regulation in regulated communications markets and improving the Building Code.

According to the Agency, the issues related to the establishment of a fixed communication network in rural areas require a separate analysis.

The evaluation of the Competition Authority is available in Estonian: