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Elektrilevi must pay more attention to the elimination of network connection interruptions

On 27 April this year, the Estonian Competition Authority completed the supervision proceedings regarding the fire in the Jõgeva regional substation and the large-scale power outage that occurred as a result. The authority established that Elektrilevi AS violated the quality requirements for...

The Latvian and Estonian regulators support the methodology for electricity trade with Russia

The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) and the Estonian Competition Authority (ECA) support the capacity calculation methodology jointly developed by JSC Augstsprieguma tīkls and JSC Elering, which specifies how electricity capacity for trade with Russia will be calculated.   The PUC has...

A tender was announced for the development of the price controlling software (hinnakratt) of the Estonian Competition Authority

On 7 October 2021, the Centre of Registers and Information Systems published a procurement notice in the public procurement register, seeking a cooperation partner for the Estonian Competition Authority to develop software for controlling the prices of monopoly services (heat, water, gas,...

Equal opportunities must be ensured in the development of the offshore wind farm network

The Competition Authority is of the opinion that the interests of all offshore wind farm developers must be observed in the construction of the offshore wind farm network and equal opportunities must be ensured for all developers. The plan of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications...

The Estonian Competition Authority advises consumers to be careful when changing the electricity package

The Estonian Competition Authority advises consumers to be very careful when changing the electricity package. The price of electricity has been very high in the last month, rising above 130 euros per megawatt-hour (MWh) on several days. It is important for consumers to assess whether the chosen...

Information on PUC and ECA conclusions on NERC publication

The Public Utilities Commission (Latvian national regulatory authority, hereinafter – PUC) and Estonian Competition Authority (Estonian national regulatory authority, hereinafter – ECA) are particularly concerned about the NERC’s approved and published information as it continuously fails to...

The Competition Authority investigated the reasons for the delay in launching Balticconnector

The Competition Authority conducted an analysis to investigate the delay in the commissioning of the Balticconnector gas pipeline between Estonia and Finland due to the delay in the completion of the Puiatu and Paldiski compressor stations.   The purpose of the analysis was to identify the...

The Competition Authority initiated supervision proceedings in connection with the fire in Jõgeva substation

On 29 April, the Competition Authority initiated supervision proceedings against Elektrilevi in connection with a failure due to a fire in the regional substation in Jõgeva on 27 April which caused an extensive power outage in the city of Jõgeva and the surrounding areas. The purpose of the...

The Competition Authority had a busy year despite the pandemic

The Competition Authority’s 2020 annual report focuses on the activities of the authority in the current anxious situation, when the role of the economic regulator is very important as a background force. Economic activity persists despite the pandemic, and ensuring free competition is in the...
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According to the Competition Authority, the situation in the Estonian telecommunications market is good

The Competition Authority observed the Estonian telecommunications market in order to evaluate several developments related to the telecommunications sector. The evaluation concerns in particular the wholesale and retail prices of broadband services and the provision of access to these services...