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Competition Authority to begin working on a market analysis on the charging network of electric cars

The Competition Authority will start a market analysis on the charging network of electric cars. The aim of the analysis is to obtain a competition law overview of the public charging network of electric car chargers in Estonia. ‘The Competition Authority is committed to identifying possible...

Restructuring the Competition Division – improving the effectiveness of the field

From 1 December 2023, we will change the structure of the Competition Division of the Competition Authority. Based on the current department of competition supervision and merging, we will create fields of administrative proceedings of competition, special proceedings of competition (task force)...
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Ragn-Sells reduced the price of their additional service as a result of supervisory proceedings

The supervisory proceedings initiated by the Competition Authority against Ragn-Sells AS identified that the price increase in the waste transport areas of Pärnu is not justified and as a result, Ragn-Sells AS has reduced the prices. The Competition Authority initiated the supervisory...
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The Competition Authority checked the compliance of Rakvere hospital’s morgue service fee with competition rules

The Competition Authority failed to identify any violations after the the supervisory proceedings initiated by the publication of an article in Maaleht. It was clarified that the release fee for the deceased charged Viru Matuseteenused OÜ is not 190 euros, as was incorrectly stated the article...
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Report on the margin available for cross-border electricity trade in the Baltic states in 2022 has been prepared

The Competition Authority, the Public Utilites Commission of Latvia and the National Energy Regulatory Council of Lithuania have prepared a report on the margin available for cross-zonal electricity trade in the Baltic states in 2022. Pursuant to Article 16(8) of Regulation (EU) 2019/943 of the...
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2022 Electricity and Gas Market Summary: A Year of Price Shocks

The Competition Authority’s electricity and gas market summary of 2022 published today analyses the causes and drivers of price increases in the energy sector last year. According to Külli Haab, Head of Regulatory Division of the Competition Authority, the changes in the energy sector have...
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Summary of the communication to electricity market participants for consideration

On expected behaviour of market participants regarding offering of capacity on the balancing and day-ahead electricity market Fluctuation of energy prices in 2022, including reaching maximum price on the Nord Pool day-ahead market on August 17, triggered and amplified processes aimed at...
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Competition Authority granted permission with obligations to concentrate AS Maag Grupp and AS HKScan

The Competition Authority authorised the concentration of AS Maag Grupp and AS HKScan Estonia, AS HKScan Latvia and UAB HKScan Lietuva on the condition that the parties to the concentration perform their obligations. According to Evelin Pärn-Lee, Director General of the Competition Authority,...

In 2022 the total number of postal items decreased in Estonia, but turnover increased

Today, the Competition Authority published an analysis of the developments and problems of postal services in 2022, which revealed a decrease in the number of express service providers and postal items. According to Margus Kasepalu, Head of the Department of Energy and Infrastructure of the...
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2022 annual report focuses on the energy crisis and its impact

The topics of the 2022 annual report of the Competition Authority are the energy crisis, the resulting increase in prices and inflation. According to Evelin Pärn-Lee, Head of the Competition Authority, the energy crisis was not unexpected, but the concurrence of several unfavourable factors has...