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The Competition Authority had a busy year despite the pandemic

The Competition Authority’s 2020 annual report focuses on the activities of the authority in the current anxious situation, when the role of the economic regulator is very important as a background force. Economic activity persists despite the pandemic, and ensuring free competition is in the...
Allikas: Vikipeedia.

According to the Competition Authority, the situation in the Estonian telecommunications market is good

The Competition Authority observed the Estonian telecommunications market in order to evaluate several developments related to the telecommunications sector. The evaluation concerns in particular the wholesale and retail prices of broadband services and the provision of access to these services...
Autor: Johannes Arro

The Estonian Competition Authority recommends phasing out support for renewable energy

The Competition Authority analysed the support schemes for renewable energy implemented in Estonia as well as their economic impact and recommends transitioning to a market-based solution and phasing out the support for renewable energy. In 2007, the Electricity Market Act set the period for...

The Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Finnish energy regulators are having a public consultation regarding a study on regulation (EU) 2016/1719 Article 30(4).

The Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Finnish energy regulators are having  a public consultation regarding a study on regulation (EU) 2016/1719 Article 30(4). The consultation will be held jointly by Finland and the Baltic States. The Finnish regulatory authority is leading this...

The Competition Authority conducts supervision proceedings against Elering AS in order to verify compliance with the rules of the wholesale energy market integrity and transparency

The Competition Authority has initiated supervision proceedings against Elering AS in order to verify whether the system operator has sufficiently and timely informed the market about the capacities of the Balticconnector gas pipeline between Estonia and Finland. Pursuant to EU Regulation (1227/...

Public consultation to analyse the need for hedging instruments for electricity market

The Estonian Competition Authority, together with Public Utilities Commission of Latvia announces a public consultation to investigate the needs for hedging instruments at the borders of the Estonian and Latvian bidding zone areas (EE-FI, EE-LV and LV-LT borders, all in both directions), according...

The price regulation of pharmaceuticals is illusory

The Competition Authority conducted an analysis of the competition situation in order to assess the functioning of the regulation that sets the limits for the prices of medicines. The Competition Authority considers that the current system for the mark-up of medicines is deficient and its...

The Estonian Competition Authority makes a proposal for changing the system of compensation for power outages

The Competition Authority has devised proposals for changes in the system of compensation for power outages in order to ensure fairer compensation to consumers in the event of substandard quality of the network service. The Authority has forwarded the proposals to the Ministry of Economic Affairs...

Public consultation on the demand response market framework for an independent aggregator in electricity markets

The Demand response Working Group, formed by the Estonian Competition Authority, Elering AS (Estonian TSO) and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, has developed an initial concept for involving the flexibility of an independent aggregator into all electricity market levels in...

Memorandum of Understanding signed by Baltic energy market regulators

On 23th of June 2020 the Estonian Competition Authority, Public Utilities Commission of Latvia and National Energy Regulatory Council of Lithuania signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) concerning the Baltic Energy Regulators’ cooperation on Electricity Market Development. The purpose of this...