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Approving prices

Compliance with requirements
Inspecting the content
Additional information
Approving price formula or limit price
Not approving
Informing undertakings and consumers


Filling in, signing and submitting of application. The undertaking shall enter its financial data into the application. The factual data of the preceeding three financial years and a forecast of the coming 12 months (the regulation period) shall be presented. All the data shall be entered in MS Excel spreadsheets. The application shall be signed and submitted digitally together with relevant contracts and explanations.

Inspecting the application´s compliance with requirements. If the undertaking does not submit data or does not explain or justify the bases of formation of the limit price, as needed for the approval of the applied heat price, the Authority may consider the submitted application to be an application with shortcomings and may refuse to initiate a proceeding of that application before the shortcomings are eliminated.


Inspecting the application. The Authority will compare the submitted factual data with the data of the financial reports published in the Commercial Register. Thereafter, the undertaking’s submitted forecast data will be compared with the preceding years’ factual data and with the data of other similar undertakings. If deviations result from the comparison, the undertaking will be asked to explain and justify.

Preparing a preliminary assessment/asking for additional information. If the forecasted indicators (technical data, cost components) are justified then they will be taken into account. If necessary then the undertaking will be asked for more information, in order to make a justified and objective final resolution.

Forming and approving a price formula and/or limit price. If there is no price formula, the Authority will comprehensively analyse the entire background information during the proceeding. If the price formula is already approved (it can be approved for up to three years) then only the changed components shall be reasoned and the relevant contracts shall be submitted. The Competition Authority may refrain from approving a price formula and/or a limit price.

Informing the undertaking and the consumers. The Competition Authority will forward its resolution to the undertaking and shall publish the approved limit price of heat energy on the Authority’s website. The undertaking shall be obligated to publish the approved heat energy price (preferably on its own website).