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Activities and structure

Estonian Competition Authority exercises supervision in the fields of,
competition, natural gas, district heating, postal services, public
water supply and sewerage and railways. 

In addition, the Authority settles disputes regarding airport fees.

The Authority is in the area of government of the Ministry of Justice and
the Director General Evelin Pärn-Lee is at the head of the Authority.


General Administration

  • External and Public Relations Department

International and public relations, personnel management, coordination of training and budgeting, document management.


Competition Division

  • Supervisory Department
  • Merger Control Department

Competition supervision, control of concentrations, analyses of competitive situation raising competition related awareness.


Regulatory Division

  • Department of Price Regulation
  • Department of Energy and Infrastructure
  • Department of Energy Markets
  • Legal Department

Price regulation and market supervision in the areas of electricity, natural gas, district heating and water, regulation of postal services market and supervision in the railways sector.