Estonian Competition Authority

Press release: The Competition Authority has confirmed the obligation of Elektrilevi OÜ to offer sellers of electricity the option of issuing single joint invoices

On 29 December 2015 the Competition Authority has confirmed the obligation of Elektrilevi OÜ to develop by the beginning of 2017 an IT solution and standard conditions according to which all sellers of electricity in the network region of Elektrilevi OÜ will have an option to issue to consumers single joint invoices for both electricity and network service. Until now for historic reasons such an option was only available to Eesti Energia AS that belongs to the same group with Elektrilevi OÜ. In order to comply with such obligation, among other things, Elektrilevi will have to organize a public procurement for a large-scale IT development.

According to the obligation both home and commercial consumers can receive single joint invoices – a seller of electricity can select whether to join this system. After the obligation is complied with the consumer pays the network fee to its seller of electricity. In case of connecting to the network the seller of electricity is responsible for payments of the consumer. Data exchange between sellers of electricity and Elektrilevi OÜ in case of use of a single joint invoice system will take place through the data exchange platform of Elering AS.
Five sellers of electricity have submitted to the Competition Authority a joint claim where they asked to oblige Elektrilevi OÜ to provide to them an option to issue joint invoices for electricity and network service upon conditions similar to those applying to Eesti Energia AS. According to sellers of electricity, such situation provides a competitive advantage to Eesti Energia AS.

According to the initial assessment of the Competition Authority, until now actions of Elektrilevi OÜ did not provide other sellers of electricity with an opportunity to compete with Eesti Energia AS on equal grounds. Elektrilevi OÜ expressed its intention to undertake the obligation on implementation of the single joint invoice system. The Competition Authority believes that the obligation assumed by Elektrilevi OÜ efficiently solves competition-related problems currently present on the market.