Estonian Competition Authority

Press Release: The Estonian Competition Authority commences supervision proceedings with regard to shutdown of EstLink 1 and EstLink 2 cables

On 12 September the Estonian Competition Authority has initiated supervision proceedings with regard Estonian Transmission System Operator Elering AS in connection with disruption of electricity transmission power between Estonia and Finland.

Since 10 September 2014 both electricity interconnections between Estonia and Finland – EstLink 1 and EstLink 2 submarine cables – simultaneously became disabled. As the result there was no electricity transmission power between Estonia and Finland.
“Simultaneous shutdown of both interconnections resulted in significant price increase for consumers. Thus the Competition Authority controls whether actions of Elering AS in this situation comply with the law,” says Märt Ots, Director General of the Competition Authority.

The aim of the proceedings commenced by the Competition Authority is to find out the reasons for the shutdown of both interconnections and whether it was possible to avoid such situation. The Competition Authority will also analyze whether the current legislation sufficiently regulates operation of direct current interconnections and if necessary plans to introduce proposals for changing the applicable law.