Estonian Competition Authority

Press Release: The Competition Authority welcomes today's Supreme Court’s decision on the abolition of limitations in connection with establishing of pharmacies

Today's Supreme Court’s decision emphasizes importance of the freedom of entrepreneurship as a fundamental constitutional value. Since 2009 the Competition Authority has made several proposals on abolition of limitations with regard to establishing new pharmacies that were contained in the Medicinal Products Act, since the limitation did not justify itself. The restrictions failed to help to ensure better availability of medicines and prevent closure of rural pharmacies. The Competition Authority believes that the Supreme Court's decision provides for greater competition on the pharmacy market, which will positively affect both consumers and businesses. However, it is important to develop viable solutions to ensure sustainability of rural pharmacies and it is praiseworthy that in its decision the Supreme Court provides the comprehensive guidance with this regard.

Information provided by:
Maarja Uulits
Head of External and Public Relations Department
Competition Authority
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